Dressed to Zoom


gemline jewelry dressed for zoom meetings


Professional style puts us in a mindset to be productive, and it has the same effect on the people that you have video calls with.  It can also make work more fun!  So here are some tips to creating a professional look for those online encounters.


gemline jewelry dressed for zoom meetings


1. Wear a non-shiny top with a neckline that is not too low that it will go below the screen.  A great top is meant to compliment your face and keep the attention at eye level so that your co-workers will focus on what you have to say.

 gemline jewelry dressed for zoom meetings


2. Choose a happy color on the pastel or neutral spectrum, whatever compliments your background.  Put your colleagues in a good mood when they see, especially if you are leading the meeting, and make everyone look forward to being with you today.


 gemline jewelry bloom necklaces


3. Wear a necklace––layer with three or four, but nothing more.  Keep your style minimalistic because, again, we want to keep the attention on your face so that your colleagues pay attention to everything you have to say.

 gemline jewelry


4. Earrings will pull together any full or half outfit with ease.  Keep them simple and above the chin.  Even if you have no other jewelry on you, earrings will always be a welcome sight in a video call. 


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