Daisy Three Layer Necklace

Color: 18k Yellow Gold, Pearl

Materials used- We choose designs that are unique and suitable for  everyday use.  A genuine collection of pieces using premium materials.  We are  committed to use standard 18k gold. The yellow appearance of 18k makes it an attractive material for jewelry, it will make your skin glow. This gold karat is usually the most pure form of gold. You can use it everyday and it won’t tarnish or discolor thus making it a good investment. 

Freshwater pearls are the most commonly produced pearls, their unique shapes and wide range of colors combined with their attractive prices and charming character, have made them a favorite among jewelry designers, shoppers and pearl connoisseurs alike. They are dazzling in their rich, bright luster, and their unique charm will last you a lifetime.

Details- Set in 18k solid fine gold. First layer 18 inches, ball 2.7mm width. Second layer 19.5 inches, flower 8mm x 8mm. Third layer 22 inches, pearl 5.6mm width. Lobster clasp closure 

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