Double Line Cross Locket Pendant

Color: 18k Yellow Gold, Cubic Zirconia

Materials used- We use standard 18k gold. The yellow appearance of 18k makes it an attractive material for jewelry. It will make your skin glow. This gold karat is usually the most pure form of gold. You can use it everyday and it won’t tarnish or discolor thus making it a good investment. 

Cubic zirconia is an artificial crystal resembling diamonds. It provides  fire and brilliance that sparkle just like diamonds. It’s an affordable alternative to diamonds.

Details- This locket is made in 18k solid fine gold. The locket in oval has a cross pavé cubic zirconia at the front. The locket meant for keepsakes has two sides so you can insert your two pictures on both sides. Length  from pinch bail clasp to bottom of the pendant 3.2cm, oval locket only is 2.4cm, width 1.6cm, depth 3mm. This product is engraveable. Please leave a note at checkout.

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