Shooting Star Pendant

Color: 14k Multi Tone, Cubic Zirconia

Materials used- Our 14k solid gold jewelry pieces are made to last for a very long time. We are  committed to use standard 14k gold. It is a mixture of gold and alloy making this metal hard and suitable material for daily wear. It is less prone to scratches so it doesn’t lose  its original appearance. 14k gold will not oxidize or change color, so you can wear your jewelry all the time anywhere.

Cubic zirconia is an artificial crystal resembling diamonds. It provides  fire and brilliance that sparkle just like diamonds. It’s an affordable alternative to diamonds.

Details- Set in 14k solid fine gold. Length 3cm x 3mm x 1.5mm, with closure depth 5mm. Stone size .10 carat, 3.0mm width.

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